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Third Reich

Length: 3h–6h

Third Reich private guided tour

The Nazis under Adolf Hitler ruled Germany for only 12 years, but that was enough to cost the lives of millions of people and to change the political landscape of Europe forever.


Follow the story line of pastor Martin Niemöller through the rise and fall of the Nazi regime. Starting at the Reichstag hear about the failure of the Weimar Republic and Hitler's takeover of power to the war's end at the Führerbunker. We'll discuss Albert Speer's plan to remodel Berlin into Germania and see the former center of Nazi administration at Wilhelmstraße with Goebbel's Propaganda Ministry and Goering's Airforce Ministry still intact. 

See how Germany's relation to it's past changed over the decades at the Topography of Terror exhibition as well while seeing the memorials to the the murdered Jews, Sinti & Roma, Homosexuals and more.


On the longer version of this tour we can also explore the Olympic Stadium of 1936, get into more detail on how the Nazi's propaganda worked and see the Bendlerblock, the place from where Count von Stauffenberg tried to overthrow Hitler's rule in 1944 after his failed assassination attempt.

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