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Street Art

Length: 2h–4h

Street Art private tour Berlin

Berlin has one of the most lively Street Art scenes of the world. Already in the 80's the Berlin Wall became a big canvas for graffiti, the East Side Gallery became the best-known remaining example of art painted on the Wall. Since that time the scene has taken over empty walls, housing entrances, backyards and the whole public sphere.


Ranking from political protest to public comic strips, from small stickers and tags to large murals Berlin offers an incredible range of works by artists like AlaNiz, El Bocho, BLU and many more. 

I will show you the hotspots of Street Art in Berlin, explain the different styles and techniques and how what was once just considered as vandalism has now made its way into galleries and the international art market.

Starting point: U-Bahnhof Schlesisches Tor

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