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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Length: 6h

Sachsenhausen private guided tour Berlin

From the beginning of their rule, the Nazis started to build up a series of prison camps all over Germany to detain their political enemies and over the years more and more different groups that did not fit into their idea of a perfect German society. One the earliest big camps in Germany, Sachsenhausen was build up in 1936 just north of the capital.

Build as a model camp the Nazis used Sachsenhausen as a testing and training ground for their system of oppression and murder.


Follow the story line of communist prisoner Harry Naujoks through the history of the camp!

The tours starts at the Hauptbahnhof from where we board the train north to Oranienburg, hearing about the  rise of the Nazis to power and how Harry Naujoks became an early victim of the regime.

We'll discuss the triangular architecture of the camp surrounded by the camp wall, see remaining structures like the massive Watchtower A and explore the daily life of the jewish prisoners in Barack 38.

Hear how Harry Naujoks tried to support the communist resistance organizing the work in the former camp kitchen and how he struggled to keep prisoners from being sent to Station Z, the execution site or the feared special prison of the Gestapo.

At the end we take the train back to Berlin together.

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