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Special private Tours Berlin

I am a history nerd, a book lover and a passionate tour guide of many years. In this time I have accumulated an enormous amount of stories and have explored big parts of the city where tourists only rarely go.

If you are searching for something out of the norm, let me take you on a tour to one of the many Berlin districts and let me show you what makes the daily life in Berlin so great. Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln – all those places have their own fascinating stories and their own unique landmarks that only the locals know. Let me take you out of the touristic areas and show you the real Berlin beyond the heart of the city!


And let's also not forget that Berlin has a number of world class museums that can keep you occupied for many days. Let give you a tour through the Pergamon or the New Museum or let us explore the Old Master's Gallery together.


Last, but not least, I am always open to special requests! Even for me Berlin still has new things to offer regularly and there are always different aspects to explore. So don't hesitate to contact me with wishes out of the ordinary to create a tour that has never existed before.



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