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Berlin Divided

Length: 2h–6h

Divided Berlin private guided tour

Just after World War II was over, a new conflict started: The Cold War. Berlin became its center, divided into a western and an eastern part, an exchange point for spies and the conflict of the two superpowers. 

Follow the story line of Harald Jäger, a young East German, through the history of the socialist eastern state from division to reunification.

We start at the Potsdamer Platz, where East and West were meeting and explore remaining parts of the border such as a guard tower. At the suare of the 17th of June you'll find out how the failed uprise in the early GDR made Harald Jäger a convinced communist and what happened when the Wall came up around Checkpoint Charlie in 1961. Drive through the 'ghost stations' closed during the division, visit the 'palace of tears' exhibition and finally see the Berlin Wall memorial site in Bernauer Strasse, where you will hear about escape tunnels and how the Stasi, East Germany's feared intelligence service, controlled its population.

Get to know the places where the Monday Demonstrations brought the regime to its knees and find out what role Harald Jäger played in the events of the fall of the Wall on the 9th of November 1989.

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