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Length: 2h–6h

Kreuzberg private tour Berlin

The disctrict of Kreuzberg, just south of the center, is one of the oldest part of Berlins. But it was pushed to a position at the edge when the Berlin Wall came up in 1961, cutting it off from the old heart of Berlin. As a result it became the playground of Berlin's alternative scene and a focal point of the Turkish immigrationFailed urban planning eventually led to a big squatting movement of houses in the early 80's and a tradition of political activism that sometimes turned into violent riots in the streets.


Today the district has once more been connected to the old center and is slowly being transformed once again, having become the main place to go out in Berlin with its many cafés, bars and clubs.

The districts walls are filled with graffiti and political statements, it's streets with punks, Turks, Hipsters and party-goers.

This is the alternative headquarter of Germany, spanning from some of the most beautiful to the most run-down parts of the city and a must for everyone that wants to get out of the usual touristy spots.

We start at Kottbusser Tor, see the Oranienplatz, the Art Center Bethanien and the treehouse at the Berlin Wall, explore the Wrangelkiez, the U1 overground line and many other places!

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