The Boros Collection

One of the things I like about Berlin the most is how visible the often violent history of this town was preserved at unexpected corners. If you walk away from Friedrichstrasse train station via the bridge going over the river and follow the little road north after only a couple hundreds of meters you will suddenly stand in front of a massive piece of concrete located across the corner: You have found the Boros bunker. This is a wonderful example of how Berlin has dealt with

The scars of the war

About 80% of Berlin's city center was destroyed in the 2nd World War. The damage caused in the war is still visible everywhere in the city, once you know what to look for, it actually becomes hard to not to see it. In this series of articles I would like to introduce examples of war destruction and how the city has dealt with the destruction. At the end of the war the Russian army surrounded Berlin and started their attack into the city center, towards the bunker, where Adolf